World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship

A Fellowship of National Associations of Evangelical Congregational Churches

Who We Are

The World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship is a fellowship of national associations of evangelical Congregational churches of the historic and biblical persuasion.

Its history began during the 35th Annual Gathering of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, USA, in August, 1983, at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was attended by several overseas visitors. Their discussions led to the proposal of an international evangelical Congregational union.

Following further meetings and correspondence, the inaugural Assembly of the WECF was conducted in England on 15-18 October, 1986. The meetings began at Pilgrim Hall, near Uckfield, in Sussex. Worship was an important part of each day and a wonderful spirit of unity was demonstrated in all sessions. Brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world prayed and sang together in their own language as they worshipped the Lord. The Inaugural Session of the Assembly was held on Saturday 18 October, at Westminster Chapel in London.

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Purpose of the Fellowship

  1. To promote fellowship and cooperative endeavour in the faith, polity and work of evangelical Congregational associations and churches throughout the world.
  2. To preserve the historic Congregational commitment to the Lordship of Christ and the infallibility of His Word, and
  3. To present to the world a witness to our oneness in Christ as evangelical Congregationalists.